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Below is a list of some of the services we can offer you:

Reinstatement cost assessments / building insurance valuations

Reinstatement Cost Assessments (RCAs) are usually produced for insurance purposes and are estimations of the cost of rebuilding property. An accurate RCA will eliminate the risks associated with under insurance and will avoid payment of excessive premiums for over insurance.

Independent property advice

  • Structural Building Surveys
  • Party Wall Advice
  • Defect Investigation

Project management

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Submission for Building Regulations and Planning Permission
  • Schedules/Specifications of Building Work
  • Listed Buildings

Boundary disputes

Boundary disputes occur every day in one guise or another. Whether it is cutting down hedges, planting trees, moving or repairing garden fences, all these things may lead to a dispute. Neighbours on each side of the boundary do not always agree where the boundary lies, or who has responsibility to maintain it. We have a wide experience in resolving such matters to the satisfaction of both neighbours.

Acquisition surveys

Acquisition surveys are offered to potential buyers in order to place them into a position of being an informed buyer.

Building defects and pathology

If your property develops defects, cracking, dampness etc., here at James Associates we have the expertise to diagnose the problem and give advice on remedial works.

Other services that may interest you:

  • Building design
  • Contracts and procurement
  • Contract management
  • Contract administration
  • Stock condition surveys
  • Maintenance management
  • Flood and fire damage reinstatement

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We have wide experience in dealing with both commercial and industrial properties from steel framed industrial units clad asbestos cement to modern office accommodation.

Often, we are asked to assist or represent both Landlords’ and Tenants’ at the commencement, renewal, assignment and expiry of leases by preparation of various documents including schedules of condition and dilapidations, to assist both parties in reaching an agreed settlement.

We also provide repair and maintenance advice for property, through to project management for building work and can assist with the preparation of section 20 notices of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 where necessary.


We can assist home buyers and Landlords by offering a range of pre-purchase services including building surveys, defect investigation of individual elements and non-invasive testing that seek to place the purchaser in the position of being an ‘informed buyer’; we are fully independent and you can be sure that we will represent your interests 100%.

In addition we offer existing home owners contemplating development Party Wall advice and act as Party Wall Surveyors in accordance with the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

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